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0.1-1um Polydisperse Standards (PS180, PS181)

0.1-1um Polydisperse Standards (PS180, PS181)

10 bottles per set. 
0.01g or 0.02g per bottle.

This standard has been introduced by popular demand resulting from an increased interest in the properties and performance of Nanoparticles or sub-micron powders. The soda-lime glass microspheres are supplied as an aqueous dispersion in a 5ml pipetting bottle. To analyse, simply add more deionised water and place in an ultra-sonic bath for a few minutes, shake well and pipette the complete bottle into the particle size measurement instrument. The standard has been characterised by scanning electron-microscopy, pipette centrifuge and some of the latest laser sizing methods.

Dispersion notes:
Sample Analysis. Half fill a dropping bottle containing the aqueous dispersion with deionised water. Remove the label and place in an ultrasonic bath for 10 minutes with occasional shaking. Transfer the complete contents of 1 or more bottles into the particle sizing instrument. For instruments requiring a fraction of the sample, shake well and immediately add the requisite number of drops into the analysis chamber. Store any unused aqueous dispersions upright in a cool, dry place.

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