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200um, 212um, 224um, Mesh#70 (SS404)
200um, 212um, 224um, Mesh#70 (SS404)

200um, 212um, 224um, Mesh#70 (SS404)

212um NIST Traceable Sieve Standard
5 bottle set, 1.5g per bottle.

Named after the Primary Sieve Size (212um)
but also suitable for 200um & 224um Sieves

  • Unique microsphere method of sieve calibration
  • Mean aperture sizes traceable to NIST and NPL
  • Measure over 1 million apertures per minute
  • Typical calibration time of about 1 minute
  • Method analyses over 80% of the sieve surface
  • Accuracies and repeatabilities better than 1µm 
  • Results independent of sieve shaking method
  • Single-shot bottles remove operator bias
  • No need to send sieves away for calibration

Quick and simple to use!
Empty the complete contents of a bottle onto the sieve and shake evenly over the surface for 1 minute. Calculate the percentage passing and read off the mean aperture size from the calibration graph.

Useful downloads:
For an example of the Certificate of Analysis  click here 
For recommended tolerances and help on selecting the right standard click here.
Using sieves larger than 200mm?  
Click here for advice.
For technical information / chemical composition of the microspheres 
click here
For the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) click here

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