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50-350um Polydisperse Standards (PS222, PS223, PS224, PS225, PS226, PS227)

50-350um Polydisperse Standards (PS222, PS223, PS224, PS225, PS226, PS227)

10 bottle set.
Available in 6 different weight options

The Polydisperse Particle Standards were formally known as the BCR 'Mirror' Standards because they mirrored the size ranges of an official set of spherical reference standards that were being developed for the European Community (Community Bureau of Reference - BCR). 
The 'Mirror' Standards were made both to assess the performance of the analytical laboratories and to augment a limited supply of the official standards.  Although sub-divided, the BCR samples were never certified, which leaves these new Polydisperse Particle Standards as the most comprehensively analysed set of spherical particle size reference standards available.
  • Traceability through NIST, BCR and NPL standards
  • Calibration for any method of particle size analysis
  • One of the largest international teams ever assembled
  • Unambiguous primary methods used - microscopy, sieving, sedimentation and the Coulter method
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PS222 = 0.10g
PS223 = 0.25g
PS224 = 0.50g
PS225 = 1.0g
PS226 = 2.5g
PS227 = 5.0g


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