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500-2000um (IA030)

500-2000um (IA030)

500-2000um Image Analysis Standard
10 bottle set, 20g per bottle.

Particle size analysis by laser diffraction has become a significant analytical tool for sizing up to 2mm and has made major inroads in to sieve analysis methods over the last 10 years.

The principle of the technique is to measure the particles either statically or dynamically and the images analysed.  

The weight per single-shot sample has been calculated to provide robust statistical results with minimal deviation from bottle to bottle.

The 500-2000µm standard has been specifically designed with fine structural details in the form of 8 individual peaks.  This standard is designed to highlight the high resolution of the image analysis method compared with other techniques. For example, when analysed by sieving a smooth sigmoidal curve of the cumulative particle size can be seen. Results from the latest image analysers have shown one of the highest repeatabilities of any particle sizing technique.

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