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Our Requirements:

We require 90mm flat circular discs in order to perform the test.
Samples must have an estimated cut point of between 20 and 600 microns.  
If possible, please send 2 samples per test.  This is simply to ensure a good set up - there is no extra cost for sending 2 samples per test! 

Please label your samples clearly - Whatever you label your samples with will be referenced on your certificate. Ideally send your samples in a labelled plastic bag, 2 samples per bag.  Also, if possible, please indicate an estimated nominal pore size for each sample.

Results are returned as a PDF Certificate via email within 5 days of our receiving your samples.

For a small additional fee, an Express Service is available which will ensure we drop everything to test your samples! The Express Service will ensure your results are returned within 1-2 days. 

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