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PoreSizer™ is a static image analysis system which measures particles, sieve meshes and filter pores. It uses an optical microscope and a high quality 1.4 megapixel camera, measures both size and shape, and includes a suite of detailed statistical and graphical outputs and pre-formatted certificates.

PoreSizer™ has been in development for a number of years and has gone through a rigorous validation process. It provides a transparent measurement process, which is traceable using certified reference standards, and is the foundation for the creation, verification and certification of all Whitehouse Scientific glass microspheres.

Image analysis is one of the internationally recognised primary methods of particle characterisation.

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PoreSizer™ displays measurement, live video, analysis and settings all on one screen, to make every function easily accessible. The system is easy to use, with extensive options for image adjustment, measurement calibration and statistical analysis of the results.

PoreSizer™ uses an optical microscope with a zoom lens and a 1.4 megapixel camera to capture slide images at 1392x1040 pixels. The live image can be digitally zoomed to focus on individual particles to achieve the sharpest possible image for accurate measurement.

Images can also be imported for measurement, e.g. from scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM).


Particle size is determined by measuring the area of each particle and calculating the diameter of a circle that would occupy the same area (commonly known as the ‘Equivalent Circle Diameter’). PoreSizer™ also measures the maximum and perpendicular minimum axis, and particle perimeter.

Sieve aperture size is determined by measuring the maximum and minimum aperture dimensions. PoreSizer™ records the average of three measures in each direction. Aperture regularity refers to the aperture area versus the area of a square touching the aperture edges. The thickness of the wires is measured in the X and Y directions.

PoreSizer™ is a static image analysis system and can measure thousands of particles in just a few minutes. It automatically measures all particles on each slide, and includes algorithms to reject particle clusters, and particles touching the edge of the frame.

Sieve meshes can be analysed by measuring particle standards trapped by the mesh apertures, or measuring the mesh directly. PoreSizer™ records the maximum and minimum aperture sizes (taking three measures in each direction), the wire thickness (taking multiple measures in X and Y directions) and the wire count per inch.

Measurement is validated and traceable using certified reference standards and an NPL graticule. PoreSizer™ also includes a performance check workflow. This ensures the operator validates the selected calibration and image settings output the correct size, before measuring each sample.


PoreSizer™ includes a comprehensive suite of statistical and graphical outputs. The analysis can be tailored with multiple size and shape definitions, logarithmic and linear graphs, number and volume analysis and manual outlier removal. Data is saved in text files which can be imported into Excel for bespoke analysis, graphs can be saved as bitmaps, or printed as PDFs.

PoreSizer™ includes preformatted certificate templates for inclusion in reports.

PoreSizer™ can compare multiple datafiles for reproducibility analysis or to compare different samples.


PoreSizer™ Features

Measurement Measurement
  • Measures particles, sieve meshes and filter pores
  • Validated measurement processes
  • Traceable using certified reference standards
  • Optical microscope(s) with varifocal lens
  • High quality 1.4 megapixel camera(s)
  • Measurement of live and imported images
  • Extensive image adjustment and calibration
  • Live image zoom for precise focus adjustment
  • Multiple size and shape definitions
  • Automatic cluster detection algorithms
Analysis Analysis
  • Comprehensive suite of graphical outputs
  • Validated analysis processes
  • Detailed size and shape statistics
  • Pre-formatted certificate outputs
  • Multiple datafile comparison analysis
  • Data export to third party tools
System System
  • Automatic and manual scanning
  • Intuitive, efficient and easy to use
  • Optimised for performance and reliability
  • Online updates and support available

PoreSizer™ Configuration


PoreSizer™ is highly configurable with the ability to fine tune the camera settings to capture a sharp image for accurate measurement. The edge detection and automatic measurement process can be adjusted and the results can be configured according to the statistical analysis required.


PoreSizer™ Updates


PoreSizer™ includes an automatic online update process so users can benefit from new functionality added to future versions of the software.


PoreSizer™ standard equipment

PoreSizer PoreSizer PoreSizer


PoreSizer™ options


PoreSizer™ can be purchased from the following distributers:

PoreSizer Porometer Ltd, Begoniastraat 17, 9810 Eke, Belgium
+32 (0)9 252 25 35

PoreSizer Meritics Ltd, 1 Kensworth Gate, 200-204 High Street South, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU6 3HS, UK
Tel: +44 1582 704807

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