Technical Papers

The Development of New Reference Standards for Particle Size Instrument Calibration


G.R. Rideal, Whitehouse Scientific Ltd, Chester, U.K

J.A. Dodds & M-N Pons, CNRS, ENSIC, Nancy, France

K Leschonski, Clausthal TU, Germany

P.J. Lloyd, Loughborough University, U.K

H.G. Mercus, Delft TU, Holland‍

Comparative Methods for the Pore Size Distribution of Woven and Metal Filter Media


R Lydon, Madison Filter Group UK,

E Mayer, DuPont Engineering Technology, USA,

G R Rideal*, Whitehouse Scientific Ltd, UK

Characterisation of Reference Standards by Low-Angle Laser Light Scattering (Laser Diffraction)


G R Rideal*, Whitehouse Scientific, UK,

J P Mitchell, Trudell Medical International, Canada,

R Bunker, Beckman Coulter, UK,

B Brookman, LGC, UK

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